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Travelliam Affiliate Agreement

BETWEEN the affiliate, publisher of the site (blog) or the social page that he manages and where he wishes to promote his affiliate link, and domiciled where he has indicated on our affiliate site as being his main domicile, and in its capacity as an " affiliate ",


hereinafter referred to as the affiliate on the one hand,



BENESTEL SARL, publisher of the TRAVELLIAM.COM website , SARL domiciled at 2125, Fidjrossè, Cotonou, Benin,


(Hereinafter referred to as TRAVELLIAM.COM) on the other hand,




The affiliate is the owner of a website (or blog) or a social network page where he plans to promote the products of TRAVELLIAM.COM hereinafter referred to as "the SITE" as well than any other domain name derived from it.


BENESTEL SARL, owner of the “WWW.TRAVELLIAM.COM” website is interested for its own commercial activities, in being visible on the SITE so as to allow the affiliate, user of the SITE to connect to the TRAVELLIAM site. COM and to benefit from the offer of products or services of this last.




Article 1: object


The purpose of this contract is to determine the relationship between TRAVELLIAM.COM and the Affiliate within the framework of the Affiliate Program offered by TRAVELLIAM.COM on its website www. TRAVELLIAM.COM .


It shall define the terms and conditions under which TRAVELLIAM.COM:


  1. may be present on the SITE;

  2. will have the possibility of carrying out commercial operations with the users of the SITE

  3. will pay the affiliate a remuneration on the sales thus made thanks to its presence on the SITE and has the possibility for its users to connect to the TRAVELLIAM.COM site.

  4. TRAVELLIAM.COM will provide an affiliate link and if possible a PROMO code to the owner of the site to promote it and facilitate the identification of customers from the SITE.



Article 2: Terms of registration for the program affiliate


Registration for the TRAVELLIAM.COM Affiliate Program is totally free.


To this end, TRAVELLIAM.COM authorizes the affiliate to carry out the necessary actions to establish the navigation system between the affiliate and TRAVELLIAM.COM.



Section 3: Committee


  1. Rising


In return for the presence of TRAVELLIAM.COM on the SITE, TRAVELLIAM.COM will pay the affiliate:


  1. Remuneration, the rate of which is fixed at a percentage of 10% on the amount, excluding tax, of the Direct Sales carried out monthly by TRAVELLIAM.COM with customers procured through the SITE, using the promo code as a conversion cookie.


(For the interpretation of this § 3.1.1, “Direct Sales Made” means sales excluding tax and excluding shipping costs for which the payment due by the customer to TRAVELLIAM.COM has been made).


Article 4: Payment


  1. The affiliate will issue the invoices corresponding to the financial obligations of TRAVELLIAM.COM via the affiliate system at the end of the month during which the sales were actually made. These invoices will be paid by TRAVELLIAM.COM upon receipt, no later than the 5th of the following month.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM will provide the affiliate at any time through the dashboard of the affiliate system accessible via a personal profile (assignment of a login and password confidential), proof of volumes and values of “Direct Sales Made”.


Article 5: Technical implementation


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM undertakes to provide the affiliate on his dashboard of the affiliation system, automatically and when it appears, the information corresponding to the orders made from the affiliate.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM undertakes to collaborate diligently with the affiliate in order to integrate the SITE and by keeping the affiliate link in compliance with the rules of the art and to guarantee permanent compliance with this contract.


  1. Travelliam will deactivate the affiliate link three (03) months after the last sale generated by said PROMO code or within six (06) months following the creation of the affiliate account if no sale is generated.



Article 6: Direct marketing operations


TRAVELLIAM.COM undertakes to carry out promotional operations for its online offer, so as to permanently give this offer the best attractiveness.


Article 7: Obligations of TRAVELLIAM.COM


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM will have to :


  • to execute each order from a customer who has passed through the SITE and to record them in the space reserved for the affiliate.

  • to ensure their delivery

  • manage payments, returns, cancellations

  • to provide all customer services correspondents.

  • to communicate to the customer, if there is a delay, the new delivery time and to obtain the consent of the customer for travel items.

  • to deal effectively with complaints from clients.



  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM undertakes to keep the content of its site constantly updated.


  1. In the case of complaints transmitted by the affiliate, TRAVELLIAM.COM will inform the affiliate of the steps taken to resolve the dispute.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM agrees to pay affiliates according to the provisions of this contract.



Article 8: Obligation of the affiliate


  1. The affiliate agrees to use only the graphic elements (logos, banners, buttons, etc.) and non-graphic elements (slogan, company name, promo code) made available by TRAVELLIAM.COM, as is and without make any changes.

  2. The affiliate agrees not to present the banners in a manner likely to create confusion in the minds of the public between its affiliated site(s) and the TRAVELLIAM.COM site.

  3. The affiliate guarantees TRAVELLIAM.COM that its site does not contain information or content of a racist or pornographic nature and more generally that the content of its site is not contrary to morality and the universal laws in force, this constituting a determining condition of the present contract.


  1. The affiliate guarantees to TRAVELLIAM.COM that its legal situation is in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. TRAVELLIAM.COM disclaims all responsibility for any disputes between the Affiliate and the services previously cited.


Article 9: Responsibilities – Guarantees


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM cannot be held responsible for the content of the site(s) operated by the Affiliate. The Affiliate undertakes by this contract to be the owner of the rights relating to the distribution on its site of certain protected data such as software, music files, videos…


  1. Affiliate is and remains solely responsible for the development, content, implementation and maintenance of its site.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM is solely responsible for the content of its site as well as the products and services offered to its customer base.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM undertakes to respect the laws and regulations in force applicable to its activity, as well as in particular the provisions concerning distance selling and the protection of personal data, and any other provision, without this enumeration being limiting.


  1. In the event that the affiliate, directly or indirectly, is the subject of a claim by third parties on the basis of non-compliance by TRAVELLIAM.COM with any of its obligations, TRAVELLIAM.COM will fully replace to the affiliate and, in the event that this substitution is not possible, TRAVELLIAM.COM will guarantee the affiliate against all the consequences, including financial, of the said complaints.



Article 10: Industrial and intellectual property


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM acknowledges that the affiliate fully retains all intellectual and industrial property rights over all elements of the SITE such as drawings, images, source codes, brands without this enumeration being limiting.


  1. The parties acknowledge that the sole purpose of using their respective brands, brand names, images and logos on the SITE is the execution of this contract and does not confer on them any license, even implicit, to use said brands.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM will not take any action that affects the computerized files of personal data of the affiliate, either directly or through third parties to whom it would be contractually related.


  1. TRAVELLIAM.COM acknowledges that any computerized file of personal data made available by the affiliate remains the full property of the latter. TRAVELLIAM.COM prohibits any use of said data not expressly authorized by the affiliate .



Article 11: Duration


  1. : This contract is concluded for a period of 1 year from the date of registration of the affiliate on the Travelliam affiliate platform.

  2. : This contract will then be tacitly renewed for successive periods of 1 year each, unless terminated by either party, by registered letter and acknowledgment of receipt, at any time during the contract period and respecting a 1's notice month.



Article 12: Early termination


  1. This contract will be terminated, if the affiliate expresses the will, terminated automatically without compensation on the part of the affiliate, for loss of customers or other :

    1. - immediately in the event of cessation of payments by TRAVELLIAM.COM or in the event of a takeover of TRAVELLIAM.COM by a third party;

    2. - on formal notice notified to TRAVELLIAM.COM by registered letter with accused of reception remained without effect during 7 days at count of its date of receipt, in the event of violation by TRAVELLIAM.COM of any of the clauses and conditions of this contract.


  1. At the termination of the contract for any reason whatsoever :

The affiliate must immediately remove the name of T RAVELLIAM.COM from any medium ;


TRAVELLIAM.COM will not be excused from paying any outstanding amount due to the Affiliate.



Article 13: Applicable law – Attribution of jurisdiction


This contract is subject to Beninese law.


In the event of a dispute over the interpretation or execution of this contract which cannot be resolved amicably, the courts of Cotonou (Benin) will be exclusively competent.


Reading this document and registering for the affiliate system constitutes consent.

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